The Effects Smoking has on Your Weight Loss and Bodybuilding goals

Effects of Smoking on Weight loss

Do you exercise and smoke cigarettes? Is smoking affecting your workouts? Smoking can prevent a bodybuilder, or athlete from reaching their full potential. It is a fact that smoking makes it difficult to breath, which is extremely important while working out. If you workout for cardiovascular health then lets just say smoking will be your kryptonite. We have listed the results and effects that smoking has on your body below.

Results from Smoking

  • High levels of carbon monoxide from smoking reduce the amount of oxygen absorbed into the blood from the lungs.
  • Carbon monoxide in the blood also reduces the amount of oxygen that is released from the blood into the muscles.
  • Smoke inhalation has an immediate effect on respiration, increasing airways resistance and therefore reducing the amount of oxygen absorbed into the blood
  • Smoking causes chronic swelling of mucous membranes, which also leads to increased airway resistance.
  • Smoking increases the heart rate for a given level of exercise.
  • Inhaling cigarette smoke results in airways resistance in many ways.

Effects on Fitness

  • Smoking effects your endurance. One can’t train as long, and their performance is negatively affected as if they quit.
  • Smoking slows down lung function and reduces lung growth, leaving the smoker literally gasping for air when they need it most. This will affect you from getting that one last rep you need to grow optimal muscle or run that extra few miles during cutting season.
  • A smoker’s heartbeat is approximately 30% faster then the non-smoker. This results in forcing the body to use more energy to just keep up with the non-smoker. (Or your potential if you quit) Your workout performance is being cheated.
  • Tabaco, Carbon Monoxide, and Tar all have negative effects on oxygen into the body. Tabaco reduces oxygen availability to the muscles during exercise. Carbon monoxide reduces the amount of oxygen absorbed into the blood from the lungs, and the amount that is absorbed into the muscles from blood. Oxygen in to the muscles is vital for them to grow to their peak. Tar from a cigarette coats the lungs, reducing the elasticity of the air sac, which results in less oxygen into the bloodstream.
  • If gaining muscle and weight is a goal of yours, it is going to be very difficult to accomplish that while smoking, because smoking causes an increase in your metabolic rate, causing it extremely difficult for those looking to gain weight, and muscle.

Smoking is unhealthy and leads to Coronary heart disease, defected vision, Atherosclerosis, Gangrene, Cancer, Chronic bronchitis and emphysema, and many more. It’s obvious that smoking is affecting you from reaching your full potential in the gym. Quitting will increase your endurance, improve your cardiovascular health, and improve the growth of lean muscle mass. Weigh out the positives and negatives and make the decision for yourself.